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November 2017

News from the journey

My meeting with Janice Jakait

letztes Foto / Janice Jakait Buchmesse 2017 / weitere Bilder unter -Medien-

Last Friday, I had the wonderful pleasure of spending an evening with Janice Jakait. She is a unique woman who lives and acts in such an unbelievably authentic way that the fact that she crossed the Atlantic in a rowing boat, alone and unaccompanied, practically falls into insignificance. Of course she has experienced things that ordinary people can only dream of and yet only a few of us can claim to be in the prime of our lives to the same degree that she can.

She asked herself, what will come next. What will happen when I get home after all the adventures. Do I go back to my old life and return to my old job or do I embark on the next project that will take me to a new level in the Guinness Book of Records. She dismissed both.

She wrote a few books, gave a numerous lectures (recommendation: Freut euch nicht zu spät) and is now back to where it all began several years ago. She used the years to address many spiritual concepts, made headway, became more mature and has a lot to tell.

Her last book “Liebe” Love are her thoughts on this subject in extracted form and we hope that she will offer us a deep insight into her soul during our meeting. Her blog is outstanding.



News from the journey

Our conversation with Gottfried Helnwein

Sometimes it is simply fascinating to speak to people who open up new horizons to you. Artist Gottfried Helnwein is without doubt one such person. An exceptional artist and lateral thinker. An inspiring man and interlocutor.

After spending the whole evening and following morning with him, we were rewarded with an insight into his world and his way of thinking. We were delighted with his commitment to our project and his openness towards our theme.

What you can view here is just a tiny excerpt from our conversation that lasted over an hour. Look forward to seeing his contribution which we have condensed into 20 minutes and will be putting online soon.

We look forward to receiving your comments and input. It was an exciting time and a wonderful experience. Thank you, Gottfried Helnwein, for being so open. His website