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Back from Ireland – our interview with Gottfried Helnwein

It was an intensive and inspirational time. Not only for our film crew from Sidekick Pictures, but also for unbelievably open and tolerant hosts Renate and Gottfried Helnwein.

As you can see from the pictures, things on the one hand were amicable and very relaxed, while on the other they were focused and professional. You can’t ask for more. And added to this an interlocutor in the form of Gottfried Helnwein, who gave us a deep insight into his thoughts and feelings. For which we are most grateful.

His castle in County Tipperary is, of course, also a wonderful place to dwell upon the topics of love and other beautiful things. The sunny weather was so inviting on the first evening we were able to take some impressive shots of the location. Jonas Hofmann, one of the Sidekick cameramen, had his drone with him, resulting in some breath-taking images being taken, which you will be able to view here shortly.

On the first evening, we were invited to a delicious dinner in the castle’s kitchen. The chef conjured up a wonderful meal for us, which, combined with the wine, helped give rise to some moving conversations that continued until midnight.

The following morning, we conducted our interview with Gottfried Helnwein during which he gave us a deep insight into his thoughts and inner life. We are extremely grateful for his openness and his positive attitude to our film project.

Afterwards, he opened his studio and our team could film him while painting. An extremely impressive experience.


Once back in Germany, I was immediately struck down with a cold. But things are moving forward again now and everyone is working flat out on the video. So look forward to what awaits you in the next few days.

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