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An expedition to the world of love

“Our film should move and touch people, make them think and encourage them to love.”

Is love simply a deal between two people?
“You love me, so I love you back.” “You’re honest and I’m very fond of you.”
Or is there something much deeper coming into play here?

What role will love play in the digital world of our future?
Will we only be brought together by dating site algorithms? Will cuddly robots replace our loved ones? Or will love after all play a central theme in future partnerships?

In the summer of 2016, the idea emerged of producing a documentary-style cinema film dealing with the world’s most misused term. And for this purpose, we would travel around the world together speaking to people from diverse cultural backgrounds and with different perspectives about their – vary personal – experiences with love. We listen, draw inspiration and learn from them.

It’s an exciting expedition for us and one on which you are more than welcome to join. We want the cinema goers to be inspired from our idea, to dare to love (again) and in doing so be encouraged to open their hearts and strike a chord with the people around them.

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