Our concept

Is love really what we encounter in Hollywood films? Or is it that something which folk music could build an entire empire from? Is it the thing that leaves people in despair, because this unique counterpart that has supposedly been made only for them, can never be found? The thing that fuels the believers in dating site algorithms?

Many years when I encountered the enlightening experience of unconditional love, I began to have my doubts. What I experienced was so much deeper and more embracing than anything I had come across before in my relationships.

So I decided to go in search of this wonderful something.

Numerous conversations and experiences with people that followed fuelled my decision to eventually expand my search and to begin a journey to discover this larger form of love in our world. I want to find interesting, wise people who will tell me about their experiences and to document this adventure in a film.

When I told my long-time friend and companion Daniel Pecher, my words were met with unrestrained enthusiasm. For he too had made similar observations in his own spiritual way a short time before. We both agree that love is not just a feeling but a deep experience of the heart.

This is the reason why we have decided to travel the world together to discover more about the hearts of its people. We are excited as to what and who we will meet and open to new perspectives and tales. All taking place with the aim of discovering and finding out what is this love that comes over people and unifies cultures, philosophies and religions.

In the first few weeks we were already able to speak to inspired and inspirational people. Some would become companions, such as filmmaker Serdar Dogan, others ambassadors, advisers and financiers. Some opened their hearts to us during interviews giving us a deep insight into their experiences of love.

This motivated us to spin the idea further and view the film as an initial spark for a movement that brings people in love together. We want to capture the hearts of those who see the film, triggering a reaction within them that permanently changes their thoughts, actions and life. A vision that is still emerging …

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