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On the Atlantic coast with Janice Jakait

Arriving at the Atlantic

This time our journey took us to Andalusia – to the Costa de la Luz – to speak to Janice Jakait about love. Janice once crossed the Atlantic alone in a rowing boot as well as the Straits of Gibraltar. So we were actually within a stone’s throw of where this all happened and were able to gain some deep insights from the conversations that took place over the following days. Even the first moments following our arrival were very moving and emotional as we made a short stop at the sea. “Im back,” cried Janice and it was almost as if she had come face-to-face with an old friend and companion.  And the Atlantic gave us a wild welcome – with sunshine, an icy-cold wind and crashing waves.


Our first opportunity to relax and enjoy a short break at a beach bar with a coffee, a Spanish omelette and a cigarette before getting down to work.


Having started the day in Frankfurt at 5.30am, we were somewhat fatigued but could make the most of a whole day ahead of us. Sabine, who did the research on this shooting location next to the Atlantic, had arranged for a wonderful finca surrounded by palm trees and orange groves to be our home base for the next few days. Here we had a large kitchen where we could all plan the day over breakfast in the mornings and cook and dine together in the evenings while discussing the day and sifting through the film material.  

Within seconds of setting down our luggage there, we were on the move again. This time to conduct a location check. Special compliments go to the team from Sidekick Pictures with Serdar, Atilla and David. Any previous traces of fatigue had now vanished. Without further ado they got down to the various tasks and made advance visits to the locations in a highly professional, focused and tireless manner. After all, everything has to be right when the time comes to do the filming: location, light and mood. Nothing was too much for these guys. In the end, all of us set the bar high as we all want to make a really good film that will impress and leave you being swept along on the journey.

More information will appear here on this website in the coming days.



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