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September 2017

News from the journey

Friedrich Hechelmann presents his novel Manolito

Last weekend, Daniel and I had the pleasure of being invited to the official presentation of the debut novel by Friedrich Hechelmann in Schloss Isny. A very moving experience. Together with our friend Sabine Sormani, who also took care of many organisational matters in the background, we travelled – like hundreds of other guests– to celebrate with him and to listen to his speech. Afterwards in the on-site art gallery, the exhibition of the book’s drawings and illustrations was opened. In the coming days, we will publish online extracts of Friedrich’s moving speech.

Also part of the occasion: after the work was done it was time to celebrate, discuss and laugh a little in small groups. Friedrich is not only a wonderful artist and now a writer too, but also an excellent host. Thank you for a wonderful evening, Fritz.