Friends and supporters

On this page we will be introducing you one after the other to the most important people involved in this project. Unfortunately, the space doesn't allow us to introduce everyone to you. But we will mention them on our travels. These are the people that made our film possible, supported us with their commitment, gave us courage and made contributions when we couldn't succeed on our own. Our thanks and appreciation go to them all. They provide us with ideas, input, contacts and means that we do not possess.

It's already wonderful to see how our idea is taking shape and the journey becoming more exciting.

Dirk Schwartz – Co-producer

Our long-time friend and companion is at the same an advisor and investor. He provides input to the most important business issues and helps us return to the expedition's envisaged route when our enthusiasm sometimes draws us a few metres off

Sabine Sormani – the all-rounder

Sabine has been involved with our project from the very start. Whether inspiration or administration she provides and takes care of both. She plans and organises, and introduces new ideas and contacts. She is the one in the background that brings in her own ideas and makes others possible. Thank you for this. Facebook