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July 2017

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Our encounter with Friedrich Hechelmann

Away from the commercial art market, Friedrich Hechelmann is a successful pioneer of figurative painting. He became known as the illustrator for the children’s fiction authors Michael Ende and Cornelia Funke. His fantasy paintings express what he is: someone who loves art, but not the art business. His Bible illustrations are unbelievably expressive and move the observer regardless of religious beliefs.

It was a wonderful encounter for us and a close bond was formed instantly. There was intensive exchange, enrichment and mutual agreement during every moment we spent with him. Both the interview and the time before when we had dinner together and visited his studio were imbued by these feelings. We recorded our one-hour interview with him in his residence in Schloß Isny. There you can sense the spirit that radiates from this extraordinary man.

We would like to thank him for letting us get so close and for being so open when speaking about concerns of the heart. Daniel and I conducted the interview in the form of a frank discussion and Serdar – our gifted filmmaker – captured these moments in his own matchless way. I would like to thank all involved with special thanks going to Thomas Braunagel, one of our ambassadors who made this interview possible.

Take a look at this short, but moving, excerpt from the interview. Enjoy it and look forward to how he will influence our film.