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News from the journey

On the Atlantic coast with Janice Jakait

Arriving at the Atlantic

This time our journey took us to Andalusia – to the Costa de la Luz – to speak to Janice Jakait about love. Janice once crossed the Atlantic alone in a rowing boot as well as the Straits of Gibraltar. So we were actually within a stone’s throw of where this all happened and were able to gain some deep insights from the conversations that took place over the following days. Even the first moments following our arrival were very moving and emotional as we made a short stop at the sea. “Im back,” cried Janice and it was almost as if she had come face-to-face with an old friend and companion.  And the Atlantic gave us a wild welcome – with sunshine, an icy-cold wind and crashing waves.


Our first opportunity to relax and enjoy a short break at a beach bar with a coffee, a Spanish omelette and a cigarette before getting down to work.


Having started the day in Frankfurt at 5.30am, we were somewhat fatigued but could make the most of a whole day ahead of us. Sabine, who did the research on this shooting location next to the Atlantic, had arranged for a wonderful finca surrounded by palm trees and orange groves to be our home base for the next few days. Here we had a large kitchen where we could all plan the day over breakfast in the mornings and cook and dine together in the evenings while discussing the day and sifting through the film material.  

Within seconds of setting down our luggage there, we were on the move again. This time to conduct a location check. Special compliments go to the team from Sidekick Pictures with Serdar, Atilla and David. Any previous traces of fatigue had now vanished. Without further ado they got down to the various tasks and made advance visits to the locations in a highly professional, focused and tireless manner. After all, everything has to be right when the time comes to do the filming: location, light and mood. Nothing was too much for these guys. In the end, all of us set the bar high as we all want to make a really good film that will impress and leave you being swept along on the journey.

More information will appear here on this website in the coming days.




Zeruya Shalev – Love should be a school subject

In a newspaper interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung on 29.12.2017, the Israeli writer said:

“Marriage is not the problem; love without a marriage certificate is complicated enough. The key question in relationships today is: As a couple, do you want to have children – and when the answer is yes, under what conditions? But I believe that nowadays a wedding can provide a feeling of security in a complex world, particularly among young people. I’m no expert in marriage, but I think that love should be taught in school. Not so much how to love but what to expect. Children must learn how to talk to one another, they must be prepared for setbacks and must have no fear even of being hurt. This is just as important as mathematics.”

[Zeruya Shalev, born in 1959 in Kibbutz Kinneret close to the Sea of Galilee, worked as a therapist, studied Biblical Studies and ended up as an editor in a publishing house. Her first novel Love Life was published in 2000, promptly bringing her international fame. The book was made into a film in 2007 and is part of trilogy that includes Husband and Wife and Thera. At the beginning of 2004, she was seriously injured in a blast in Jerusalem when a bomb left in a bus travelling next to her exploded. This experience emerges in her novel Ke’ev. Shalev lives with her third husband, writer Eyal Megged, and her adopted son in Haifa. She has two other children from previous marriages.]


News from the journey

My meeting with Janice Jakait

letztes Foto / Janice Jakait Buchmesse 2017 / weitere Bilder unter -Medien-

Last Friday, I had the wonderful pleasure of spending an evening with Janice Jakait. She is a unique woman who lives and acts in such an unbelievably authentic way that the fact that she crossed the Atlantic in a rowing boat, alone and unaccompanied, practically falls into insignificance. Of course she has experienced things that ordinary people can only dream of and yet only a few of us can claim to be in the prime of our lives to the same degree that she can.

She asked herself, what will come next. What will happen when I get home after all the adventures. Do I go back to my old life and return to my old job or do I embark on the next project that will take me to a new level in the Guinness Book of Records. She dismissed both.

She wrote a few books, gave a numerous lectures (recommendation: Freut euch nicht zu spät) and is now back to where it all began several years ago. She used the years to address many spiritual concepts, made headway, became more mature and has a lot to tell.

Her last book “Liebe” Love are her thoughts on this subject in extracted form and we hope that she will offer us a deep insight into her soul during our meeting. Her blog is outstanding.



News from the journey

Our conversation with Gottfried Helnwein

Sometimes it is simply fascinating to speak to people who open up new horizons to you. Artist Gottfried Helnwein is without doubt one such person. An exceptional artist and lateral thinker. An inspiring man and interlocutor.

After spending the whole evening and following morning with him, we were rewarded with an insight into his world and his way of thinking. We were delighted with his commitment to our project and his openness towards our theme.

What you can view here is just a tiny excerpt from our conversation that lasted over an hour. Look forward to seeing his contribution which we have condensed into 20 minutes and will be putting online soon.

We look forward to receiving your comments and input. It was an exciting time and a wonderful experience. Thank you, Gottfried Helnwein, for being so open. His website

News from the journey

Back from Ireland – our interview with Gottfried Helnwein

It was an intensive and inspirational time. Not only for our film crew from Sidekick Pictures, but also for unbelievably open and tolerant hosts Renate and Gottfried Helnwein.

As you can see from the pictures, things on the one hand were amicable and very relaxed, while on the other they were focused and professional. You can’t ask for more. And added to this an interlocutor in the form of Gottfried Helnwein, who gave us a deep insight into his thoughts and feelings. For which we are most grateful.

His castle in County Tipperary is, of course, also a wonderful place to dwell upon the topics of love and other beautiful things. The sunny weather was so inviting on the first evening we were able to take some impressive shots of the location. Jonas Hofmann, one of the Sidekick cameramen, had his drone with him, resulting in some breath-taking images being taken, which you will be able to view here shortly.

On the first evening, we were invited to a delicious dinner in the castle’s kitchen. The chef conjured up a wonderful meal for us, which, combined with the wine, helped give rise to some moving conversations that continued until midnight.

The following morning, we conducted our interview with Gottfried Helnwein during which he gave us a deep insight into his thoughts and inner life. We are extremely grateful for his openness and his positive attitude to our film project.

Afterwards, he opened his studio and our team could film him while painting. An extremely impressive experience.


Once back in Germany, I was immediately struck down with a cold. But things are moving forward again now and everyone is working flat out on the video. So look forward to what awaits you in the next few days.

News from the journey

Congratulations: a new film by Serdar Dogan

We join Serdar Dogan, our director and cameraman, in celebrating the cinema release of his new film on Reformation Day.

A cutting from today’s newspaper. These are exciting times and we’re crossing our fingers that the film will be a success.


Liebe by Janice Jakait

The latest book by Janice Jakait deals with the many different aspects of our topic. But the main focus – like in the majority of publications – is love in a traditional relationship. New on the bookshelves and still fresh in my mind. I will contact Janice Jakait and speak to her about the one or the other question that arose while reading the book. I’ll keep you informed.

Here’s a beautiful sentence from the preface that stuck in my mind:

“Love is not an idea or a promise that can be fulfilled like a surefire plan – love is having the courage to devote yourself to the unpredictatable, surprising and truthful things beyond you mind instead of devoting yourself just to ideas, plans and fixed ideas. Love is having the courage to marvel at the real world and at totally new experiences.”

News from the journey

Manolito by Friedrich Hechelmann. Now at the book fair in Frankfurt

Our latest interview was conducted with Friedrich Hechelmann. In it he speaks about his love of art and his life with regard to the topic of love. Even during the course of our conversation, his first work as a writer was a central theme.

Manolito is a modern fairy tale in which Friedrich Hechelmann writes about the state of our world, the dangers to our planet and the power of friendship. His debut novel is published by Knesebeck (ISBN 978-3-95728-060-2). Copies are also directly available from the Schloss Isny art gallery.